Brief: How do you get more people travelling on weekdays?    
Insight: Flying on a Thursday makes your weekend trip cheaper, the only barrier is your work.   
 Idea: EasyJet gives you excuses that work so you don’t.

Phonebooth. Call your boss from the airport and tell them about the tragedy that kept you off work. The booth provides a wide range of sound effects (from ambulance sirens to funeral bells) to make the excuse believable.

Snapchat filters. If they don’t buy your shaky voice, they’ll definitely buy some visual evidence.

Products sold on aeroplanes so you don't give away your getaway. 

Factor 500 sunscreen. Make sure you go back to work looking as pasty as you left.

Travel pillow neck brace. Perfect for travellers taking that extra day off work.

Medical baggage wrap. Going straight to work from the airport on Monday? This hand-luggage wrap turns your bag into a kit given to you by medical professionals. There’s no way you’ve been away.

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