Brief: How do you get people to declutter on eBay?
Insight: Silver separators need to get rid of baggage: emotional and physical.
Idea: eBay pays towards your divorce. 

6 sheet posters. Strategically placed near counselling centres, divorce lawyers’ offices and schools.

Facebook memories hijack. Using data from <50 year old users, eBay can target recently made divorcees and singletons with “memory” montages of items they may wish to sell online. 

Phone call hijack. Hold messages for waiting callers at divorce law firms.

Thanks for holding.


Now how about making some money while you’re waiting?


Take a look around the house. It’s full of stuff your spouse loved more than you.


Things that touched them more than they ever touched you. Stuff they wasted their time on, along with your money.


Put them on eBay and pay for your divorce without spending a penny of your savings.


eBay: Turn your ex’s trash into cash.

The Payback reality TV show. Having auctioned his possessions after his own marriage failed, Russell Crowe helps other couples breaking up recoup the cost of their divorce.


Phase 1)  Meet the ‘silver separators.’


Phase 2) Value their assets.


Phase 3) Sell them on eBay and see if the money earnt recoups the divorce.

Tinder hijack. Divorced celebrities fake Tinder profiles. A link leads users to Ebay.

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