Brief: How do you drive people from Ikea to John Lewis?
Insight: Quality furniture can last from generation to generation.
Idea: John Lewis items are built to last.  

Social Media – For life photos. A social media campaign where people recreate their old family photos featuring John Lewis products, posting it with the hashtag #forlife.

Direct Mail. Using its customers’ data, John Lewis sends tailored letters printed on cloths encouraging them to maintain their old furniture.

Digital time capsules. Furniture is one of the few physical things you can pass to future generations. Partnering with Kindeo, an app that lets you create a digital record of your memories, John Lewis includes QR labels on products so your furniture become a treasure trove of stories for descendents.

Packaging – Bags for life. John Lewis launches recyclable bags in the style of the store’s original 1920s design.

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