Brief: How can we make people use soy sauce more often?
Insight: Soy sauce has 6 times less sodium than salt which makes it a healthier choice of seasoning.
Idea: Make Kikkoman soy sauce the methadone for salt addicts.

PR – Salt rehab. During Salt Awareness Week (March), Kikkoman partners with Japanese chefs and launches pop up restaurants as salt rehabilitation centres.

PR – Ambulance outreach. That same week, a Kikkoman ambulance goes around towns to help people in need of something savoury and gives away soy sauce samples.

Digital – Kikk it like the oldest man.  Masazo Nonaka, the oldest person in the world (born 1905), shares his secrets to living well and long in Youtube tutorials.

Digital – Salt addicts Facebook page. A Facebook page for salt victims, with recipes on how to swap to soy sauce even when you’re making lasagne or a Sunday roast.

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