Brief: In the era of smartphones, how do you re-establish an old classic?
Insight: 64% of top employees say that technology takes over personal life.
Idea: Nokia 3310 gives you a better work-life balance.

‘Still face’ experiment hijack. In the ‘still face’ experiment a parent plays with their baby, then turns away showing a blank face for 2 minutes. Within a few moments, the baby gets distressed.


Nokia recreates this experiment, using a smartphone. It will run as a TV spot and released on YouTube. Video end card –

Nokia 3310: Dumb phone, smart move

UK’s “smarter” cafes and restaurants. A partnership with no-WiFi cafes and restaurants, where people enjoy each other’s company with no technology distractions. Sponsored Time Out reviews promote participating shops.

Partnership. Best places to work ranking. Nokia partners with Glassdoor, a popular job review site. It motivates businesses to actively respect work-life balance by using 3310s as work phones. 

PR – Nokia gets Trump off twitter.  Send the dumbest president the ‘smarter’ phone.

'Calls, texts but no tweets.'

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